The Alaska Roadless Rule Citizen Advisory Committee held its first public meeting in Juneau on Tuesday 2 October from 10:00am – 5:00pm and Wednesday, October 3 from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Centennial Hall Convention Center. Public were welcome to attend both days or join via conference line. 

Meeting Summary

Roadless Rule CAC Meeting Summary 1023

Key Issues discussed at the meeting: AK Roadless Rule CAC Issues Identified for Consideration_October 2018

Meeting Materials and Handouts

Day 1 Handouts:

  1. Agenda-Roadless Advisory Committee Meeting
  2. Participant List
  3. Protocols for Tongass Roadless Rule Citizens Advisory Committee
  4. MOU between state of AK and U.S. Department of Ag
  5. Federal Register NOI
  6. Administrative Order
  7. 2001 Roadless Rule
  8. Idaho and Colorado roadless rule
  9. USDA Forest Service Alaska Roadless Rulemaking Q&A
  10. Alaska Roadless Rulemaking 101 (Presentation by Nicole Grewe, USFS and Chris Maisch, State of Alaska DNR)
  11. Roadless Area Characteristics (as defined by the 2001 Roadless Rule)
  12. Alaska Roadless Rule: How to Participate
  13. Roadless Area Conservation Issue Paper September 2018 USDA Region 

Day 2 Handouts:

  1. Roadless Region Approved Project List
  2. LUD Summary List
  3. Southeast Community Conditions